How To Get Free Website Traffic From Quora [8 steps]

How to get free website traffic from quora

Quora is the number one question and answer forum. A large number of people seek answers to questions that matter most. But for internet marketers, we leverage this platform to get free website traffic from quora. This you could do by simply answering questions with a link to your website.

You can’t just go ahead and spam your links everywhere, quora will ban your account. This is why you have to follow due procedures to help you get traffic and stay on the platform.

How to get free website traffic from Quora

To help you answer questions and get free website traffic from quora, you first need to find questions related to your target niche. Simply head over to quora, and then create an account.

The method of creating an account is pretty straightforward. You can simply make use of your Gmail for that.

Now head over to the search bar, and then fill it in with your target niche. Then hit search.

How to get free website traffic from quora

You will find several search results, questions related to your niche.

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To help you get the most amount of traffic, you have to look out for recent questions. What works the most are questions from the past day, past hour, or past week.

How to get free website traffic from quoraYou will the find results of questions people asks recently with regards to affiliate marketing.

Next, write down questions you wish to provide answers to. Remember, the more relevant answers you provide, the more website traffic you get.

Answering 20 to 50 questions every day can be very difficult right? So here is the real deal. Start by creating an answer template to make your job easier. All you will have to do is find questions, refer back to your template, change a few things in your template to match the questions asked, then copy and paste.

You can have your answers template made using google docs.

Now here is a tweak. Before you go about answering questions randomly, check if the question appears on search engine sites like google.

In the picture above, I simply copied a question I found on quora into the google search box and then discovered people are searching for it on google. This is good for us because if the question appears on google too, then we can get free website traffic from quora, and on google.

Another thing you should realize is that there will be others answering the same questions asked. But the best answer gets upvote, and when this happens, such an answer stays at the top.

To get this spot requires that you pay attention to the quality and quantity of your answers.

To get that initial attraction, you have to make sure to include an eye-catchy image, subheadings, and readable texts.

Your goal is to make sure you outrank others who are providing answers on the platform. Therefore, aim at writing an answer like you are writing a blog post. This to make sure you provide quality, in-depth comments.

To do this, simply paraphrase the content in your blog post that answers the question, and then at the end, you should add a link to the article on your blog.

But there is a downside to all this. If you are solely concerned about driving traffic only to your website without providing value, it definitely will be difficult to rank on the platform.

So instead of adding links to your answers, start by building a reputation on the platform, and then add links later.

Again, do not just spam your links everywhere on the platform, as that will earn you a ban.

Another way to build reputation is by optimizing your bio properly. You must register yourself as an authority in the niche.

Head over to your profile and fill in the details as follows;

  • Bio (Write a keyword-optimized description, and then include a link to your website)
  • Employment credentials
  • Educational credentials, etc.
  • A clear profile image

Keep in mind that your bio should picture you as someone who understands your niche very well.

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The next great idea is to join spaces related to your niche. Space is like a group with individuals interested in a particular subject.

Simply, click on the human icon at the top bar on quora. Then find spaces related to your niche.

Before you go about adding links to the answers you provide on the space you follow, be sure to check out its rules, to avoid being kicked out.

In summary, to drive free website traffic from quora, be sure to answer as many questions as your can. Make sure to provide quality content. Optimize your profile to gain attraction.

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