A comprehensive guide on how to write a blog post

A comprehensive guide on how to write a blog post

As a blogger, you understand how fundamental it is to write a perfect blog post to succeed in your business. This article will unleash a comprehensive guide on how to write a blog post for beginners. This is the same writing structure used by the top marketers in the blogging industry.

These are the 6 steps to follow on how to write a blog post.

1. Understand your target audience

As a blogger, you should be able to understand what your target audience needs. This will help you determine what your focus topic will be, and how best to reach their minds with the solution you will be providing.

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The best way to achieve this is to know what your ideal customers are searching for. As an example, you are in the baking cake niche. Simply head over to google. Start by typing a search phrase related to your niche.

A comprehensive guide on how to write a blog post

From the illustration above, I started by typing in our main keyword ‘bake cake with, before adding the alphabet. Google then populated the search results with keywords related to what your clients are searching for.

However, it will be difficult to compete with already established bloggers in your industry, especially if you are a beginner. Aim at longtail keywords, to help you rank your article on search engines.

A second way to know what people are searching for is by using a tool called Answerthepublic.

This tool will give you an idea of what your target audience is searching for. Simply input your target keyword in the search bar, and then allow the tool to populate the page with blog post ideas.

2. Craft a good headline

The second part of the guide on how to write a blog post is crafting a good headline. There are three characteristics of a good headline;

  • It is curiosity-driven
  • It is simple, clear, and understandable
  • It provides a solution

Before crafting your title, think about incorporating powerful w words in your title. These are words that express positive and negative sentiments.

For example; A comprehensive guide on how to write a blog post.

The word ‘comprehensive, added weight to the title of the blog post. It makes the reader look forward to having complete knowledge of how to write a blog post.

Consider adding numbers to your headline, as this will help you optimize for SEO.

3. Organize your body content

The third part of the guide on how to write a good headline is structuring your content.

Usually, this starts with giving a clear description of what your article is all about, usually written in a few sentences.

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Another way to help you best structure your introduction is to use a table of contents. It makes reading easier to digest and understand.

Next, write your content using the table as your guide. Use simple grammar that can be easily understood. Make your paragraphs short and straight to the point. This creates an easily readable experience.

When you write, be sure to convey deep feelings and emotions. Do not be dramatic but rather enthusiastic. Use links to a similar article on your website and a few to other authority websites in your niche. This will help you rank your article.

It is best to be familiar with your topic or niche. This will enable provide an in-depth solution to a problem through your blog post.

Do in-depth research to further help you provide more information to your audience.

4. Use relatable images

One image speaks a thousand words. Using them in your blog post will help your reader better understand your content. Consider how it was used earlier in this article to explain how to know what your audience wants.

The use of images in your content helps your readers see you as an authority. Images increase your article views by 94% than those without.

Adding images to your content increases the length of your article, making it look professional and relatable.

To get search engine traffic using images, be sure to add ALT text and image description.

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5. Use a Strong Call to action

After providing value in your post, consider adding a strong call to action. This is where you tell your readers what to do. A call to action could be asking your reader to read a related article, share your article via social media, or check out a product.

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This is the simple blueprint on how to write a blog post.

However, if you have no idea how to write a blog on your own, then you should consider outsourcing the job to writing experts on Fiverr.

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